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About Us

Med-X Global is an LLC formed in the State of New Jersey. We operate as international revenue cycle consultants, third-party medical claims administrators and payment collectors adjudicating emergency medical claims for highly accredited foreign hospitals. Med-X also serves the ancillary emergency provider community in the foreign marketplace to include air and ground ambulance entities as well as premier urgent care centers and physician administered emergency sites.

The majority of Med-X’s hospital clients operate clinically sophisticated facilities accredited by the General Heath Council (CSG) while still others are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) reflecting a standard of care that typically meets or even exceeds the U.S. benchmark for quality providers.

Med-X’s services include:

    • Negotiation of provider agreements with European, Canadian, Middle Eastern, Asian, and
      U.S. insurance carriers;
    • Performing ICD 10 coding, language translation and claims submissions to all appropriate
      insurance carriers;
    • Pursuing both in-network and out-of-network claims reimbursement;
    • Handling the appeal of all denials of payment;
    • Managing collections efforts and providing legal collection oversight.


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